Thonglad Clinic

Thonglad Clinic

The Thong Lath Health Center project aims to construct a vital healthcare facility in Thonglad Subdistrict, Laos, serving six marginalized communities. With a focus on providing accessible and comprehensive medical services, the center will improve health outcomes and empower residents, particularly women and marginalized groups.

Background of the Project

Thonglad Subdistrict, situated approximately 14 kilometers from the VPK district, lacks essential healthcare infrastructure, posing challenges for its predominantly ethnic minority residents. Access to medical care is limited, exacerbating health disparities in the region. Recognizing this critical need, the Thong Lath Health Center project seeks to address healthcare gaps and enhance community well-being.

Project Objectives

Improving Access

Enhance access to essential healthcare services for residents of six villages, prioritizing women and marginalized groups.

Enhancing Healthcare Outcomes

Provide timely diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care measures to improve overall health outcomes.

Empowering the Community

Address specific healthcare needs and promote gender-sensitive healthcare practices to empower the community.

Facilitating Inclusive Growth

Contribute to socio-economic development and inclusive growth by ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare services.

Building Healthy Communities

The construction of the Thong Lath Health Center is essential for fostering healthier communities in Thonglad Subdistrict. By addressing healthcare disparities and promoting well-being, this project contributes to building resilient and thriving communities, ensuring a brighter future for all residents.

Get involved

You can support the construction of the Thong Lath Health Center by making a donation towards our fundraising goal. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of residents in Thonglad Subdistrict, providing them with access to essential healthcare services and empowering their communities. Together, we can make a difference in improving health outcomes and promoting inclusive development.

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