About us

Our Mission

UPLAO is dedicated to fostering sustainable livelihoods and preserving the natural landscapes of northern Laos through the cultivation of organic, shade-grown coffee. Our mission revolves around empowering upland communities, promoting sustainable agriculture, and conserving the environment, guided by a commitment to ethical practices, community development, and environmental preservation.

The uplands

In the scenic landscapes of northern Laos, diverse ethnic minority communities call the uplands their home. Towering forested mountains paint the backdrop to these vibrant communities, each with its rich cultural heritage. Traditionally, these landscapes have been shaped by slash-and-burn agriculture, a practice that, while sustaining livelihoods, has also led to deforestation and biodiversity loss.

These resilient communities,primarily the Hmong, Muser, Akha and Khmu ethnic groups, have a deep connection to their land and heritage. However, changing agricultural practices and economic pressures have led to shifts towards monocrop cultivation, particularly rubber plantations, posing threats to the traditional landscapes and the way of life for these upland communities.

Amidst these challenges, there's a growing need to strike a balance between sustaining livelihoods and preserving the fragile ecosystems of the region. It's within this context that UPLAO operates, striving to empower these communities through sustainable practices, specifically focusing on organic coffee cultivation. The landscape's beauty, diversity, and the resilience of its people form the foundation upon which UPLAO builds its commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Meet the UPLAO Team

The foundation

Driving Sustainable Change

At UPLAO Foundation, our commitment lies in cultivating sustainable livelihoods and preserving the natural landscapes of northern Laos. Our journey is centered on empowering local ethnic minority communities and promoting environmentally conscious practices.

Empowering Communities Through Strategic Initiatives

Empowering Communities: We work hand in hand with ethnic minority groups, fostering empowerment through sustainable agricultural practices, skill-building initiatives, and economic diversification.

Coffee Cultivation & Sustainability

Through organic coffee cultivation, agroforestry models, and the introduction of high-value crops, we aim to enhance local economies while preserving the region's biodiversity.

Environmental Conservation

We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of northern Laos by promoting reforestation, restoring degraded landscapes, and advocating for sustainable land use practices.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborating closely with local authorities, governmental departments, and international agencies, we strive for cohesive partnerships that drive impactful and scalable change.

Our Vision

UPLAO Foundation envisions a future where upland communities thrive sustainably, embracing their cultural heritage while fostering economic growth in harmony with nature. Our efforts are dedicated to creating a resilient and vibrant landscape where both people and the environment flourish together.

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