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Discover our ongoing projects and learn how we’re actively making a difference in communities and environments.

Shade-Grown Coffee Cultivation in Thonglad

Solar Power Installation for Namvang Coffee Processing Center

Water Purification Center and Well Installation in Namvang Village

Transforming Lives Through Education: Support Viengsang Village School

The Reinforcement Of Commercial Capacities In The Lao Coffee Sector

Clinic in Thonglad

Explore our previous funded projects

Discover our past projects and learn about about our initiatives to make a positive impact on communities and environments alike

Viengphouka Landscape Conservation Project

Namvang High-Quality Coffee for Sustainable Livelihoods Project

Kanvang Sustainable Livelihoods through Agroforestry Coffee

Social Economic Development of Namvang through Organic Coffee Production Project

Coffee Farmer Support Project

Coffee Plants
Households Joined
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Help us provide a sustainable future to these communities. Each project, each village and each idea requires all of us to think of the future and our planet. 

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