Shade-Grown Coffee Cultivation in Thonglad

Shade-Grown Coffee Cultivation in Thonglad

This project seeks to empower the Akha community through sustainable coffee cultivation, contributing to their economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.


Thonglad, a remote upland community inhabited by the Akha ethnic minority, faces socio-economic and environmental challenges due to unsustainable farming practices and the transition to cash crops like rubber. Seeking a sustainable livelihood model, 33 households are transitioning to organic shade-grown coffee cultivation with the support of our foundation. This initiative aims to restore ecosystem balance, preserve cultural heritage, and foster economic resilience within the natural landscapes of Viengphouka.


Economic Empowerment

Enable the Akha community in Thonglad to diversify their income sources by transitioning from monocropping rubber to sustainable shade-grown coffee cultivation, thereby improving livelihoods and economic resilience..

Environmental Conservation

Establish 35 hectares of shade-grown coffee farms integrated with shade, fruit & nut trees, and honey production, promoting agroforestry practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation and soil health improvement.

Community Capacity Building

Provide training and technical assistance to 33 participating households in organic coffee cultivation techniques, agroforestry management, and sustainable agricultural practices, empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term success.

Socio-Economic Development

Foster community cohesion and social development by creating employment opportunities, particularly for women and youth, and enhancing access to education and healthcare services through the generated income from coffee cultivation.

Empowering Coffee Communities

In the forested hills bordering the Nam Ha National Protected Area, the Akha community is embracing sustainable coffee cultivation as a pathway to prosperity. However, limited resources and knowledge hinder their efforts. Your support can transform their lives by providing training, resources, and infrastructure for shade-grown coffee production. Together, we can empower these communities, preserve the environment, and cultivate a brighter future. Join us in nurturing sustainable livelihoods and fostering economic growth through coffee cultivation.

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Join us in empowering the Akha community of Thonglad by supporting their journey towards sustainable livelihoods through shade-grown coffee cultivation. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in preserving cultural heritage, protecting the environment, and fostering economic resilience. Donate today and be a part of this transformative initiative shaping the future of Viengphouka!


Directly benefits 33 households, promoting economic resilience and environmental stewardship in Thonglad

Get involved

Get involved in supporting the transition of Thonglad community towards sustainable livelihoods by making a donation to help reach the $25,000 funding goal for establishing 35 hectares of shade-grown coffee farms.

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