Reforestation & Biodiversity Conservation

Reforestation & Biodiversity Conservation

At UPLAO, our commitment to reforestation and biodiversity conservation stems from our dedication to preserving the natural heritage of northern Laos. We recognize the vital role of forests in maintaining biodiversity and mitigating environmental degradation, driving us to actively engage in reforestation efforts.

How We Do It

Our reforestation strategy begins with the restoration of previously cleared lands. Through meticulous planning and implementation, we reintroduce a diverse range of native tree species, emphasizing indigenous varieties. This process is coupled with conservation initiatives aimed at protecting endangered flora and fauna species, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

We also advocate for sustainable land use practices, encouraging agroforestry models that integrate coffee cultivation, indigenous fruit and nut trees, and honey production. This holistic approach not only rebuilds forest cover but also supports livelihoods while preserving biodiversity.


Our vision is to create a lush landscape where reforestation efforts flourish hand in hand with biodiversity conservation. We envision thriving forests that harbor diverse plant and animal species, contributing to a balanced ecosystem. Through our dedicated endeavors, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of restored habitats, fostering resilience and sustainability for future generations.

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