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in the Upland Communities of Laos

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Help us provide a sustainable future to these communities. Each project, each village and each idea requires all of us to think of the future and our planet. By helping us to created lasting sustainble projects in upland communities you are helping to provide a future for current and future generations.

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Ways you can help to provide a sustainable future


A small donation can help us reach more communities and more projects

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Like us on facebook or Google+, share an instagram photo we post, let others know about us

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Buy our RootBrand coffee to help support the farmers and their families. Plus you get great coffee!

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Come and volunteer with us in Laos! Help us reach communities, build relationships and strive for a sustainable future

Think Glocal

Think glocal. With every purchase you make, think if these is benefiting the people who made it? If not, think about only buying fair trade goods. 

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Email us or call us to learn more ways you can help. We are always looking for new volunteers, employees and ambassadors for Uplao

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Provide a Sustainable Future

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