Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

We help farmers grow back former slashed-forest, grow fruit trees, raise honeybees and grow high-quality coffee.

All in one harmonized eco-system.

In the  future, farmers can bring these products to the global market and  the local landscape can be preserved.

Support local communities


$ 10
  • Help support new handicrafts
  • Support local training 
  • Provide global exposure

Coffee Lover

$ 25
  • Grow 100 new Coffee Plants
  • Support coffee production
  • Expand network of Farmers


$ 40
  • Support Coffee Projects
  • Expand to new villages
  • Provide Global Markets
  • Restore Sustainable Farming
  • Provide Training & Support

Our current impact

Providing climate smart initiatives  -  one step at a time


Coffee Plants


Households Joined




Hours of Training
Learn more about our on going projects: Our Projects.

- Uplao Foundation -

The UpLao Project aims to create sustainable livelihoods for the upland minorities of northern Laos.

Over the last few decades the landscape in Luang Namtha has been changing rapidly mainly due to continual investments in plantation agriculture. As a result the natural diversity of the area is under severe pressure mainly due to loss of natural habitat. This poses several threats to local communities and the ecosystems they depend on.

UpLao aims to counterbalance these unsustainable, large scale developments and provide sustainable alternatives that contribute to livelihood resilience and biodiversity conservation at the same time.

Working toward a sustainable future

Help  lao communities to  a sustainable future

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Provide a Sustainable Future

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Directly Support Local Communities

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