The glocal initiative

Think Globally, Act Locally

A Global Reach with Local Action

Uplao aims to not only develop our coffee and ecotourism projects but to help local businesses and communities reach a larger global market. We understand that farming and tourism might not be the best method for all, therefore, we work with locals and entrepeners to understand new business ideas and help to develop them. 

"You know, you teach. You do not know, you learn." - Laotian proverb

Our Glocal Views

Local - Green - Fair

Local Products

We only work with local products and local communities, this keeps the profits and pride at home, where the good were produced.

Sustainably Made

All handicrafts and products are sustainably made, we promote use of local materials while also facilitating sustainable resource management.

Fair Prices 

We work with the local villages to market and sell their goods, we do not cut cost  to benefit us but work with them providing high quality goods at fair prices.

"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. "

Our Glocal Initiative Ideas


Local Handicrafts

Working with Local Communities

We want to help promote the amazing handicrafts that are prevelant across Uplao communities. We want to help promote these traditional crafts and to market them globally.

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Wildlife Conservation

Protecting Nature

All of our projects stem from the sustainable use of the land and resources. We want to help promote the conservation of key speices, with surveys and observations across the region.

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Land Stewardship Education

Better use of the land

Many rural communities are entirely dependant on their farms, Uplao wants to help promote sustainable methods and introduce new agricultural managment techniques.

Our Partners: Global & Local

working Together for a Sustainable future


Global Environment Facility


Small Grants Programme


PUM Netherlands Senior Experts


MVO Nederland


United Nations Development Programme


Rootbrand Coffee


Forest Retreat Laos


William Ruzek: Geospatial Consulting


Wilke Martens Journalist


The Hiker 

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