Providing a Sustainable Future

for Upland Communities in Laos

The UpLao Project aims to create sustainable livelihoods for the upland minorities of northern Laos.

Stunning mountain scenery, lush green forests and 49 different ethnic minorities: northern Laos is one of the most pristine areas in Southeast-Asia. It's a true traveller’s paradise. But, at the same time, its also one of the most vulnerable areas of the region…

Over the last few decades the landscape in Luang Namtha has been changing rapidly mainly due to continual investments in plantation agriculture. As a result the natural diversity of the area is under severe pressure mainly due to loss of natural habitat. This poses several threats to local communities and the ecosystems they depend on.

UpLao aims to counterbalance these unsustainable, large scale developments and provide sustainable alternatives that contribute to livelihood resilience and biodiversity conservation at the same time.


Providing a sustainable future

Uplao works to provide sustainable alternatives to intensive agricultural practices. By introducing high value crops and teaching sustainable farming techniques we provide additional income and a sustainable future.

Working with local communities

We know that nothing is possible without direct input and involvement of the people we work with. We work with local communites to find a solution that works for them, not for us.

What we do

Sustainable Coffee

Sustainable Coffee Cultivation

The Uplao Coffee Project promotes sustainable alternatives for current destructive monocropping practices which causes deforestation, soil degradation, chemical pollution and a dependency on a single cash crop. Uplao Coffee Project aims to teach farmers how to improve their agricultural techniques and introduce them to alternative cash crops such as coffee.

The project aims to set up several high quality coffee plantations grown under compatible native fruit and nut trees, allowing for a diversity of cash crops. This can provide the local communities a sustainable, diverse, and alternative income for generations to follow.

Current Projects


Ecotourism Development

Want to explore and see our work yourself? Uplao works directly with regional ecotourism specialists on an ecotour coffee lovers experience in Northern Laos! Highlights include visiting the local farmers and their coffee plantations, hand picking coffee cherries, discovering the beautiful jungles of the adjacent Nam Ha National Protected Area and enjoying the hospitality of the local minorities during a homestay in one of the small villages.

Uplao works directly with the local communities and have set up a community based ecotourism system in the remote Namvang village, high in the mountains. Come with us and learn about both our coffee project and the cultures of the Hmong and Lahu ethnic minority people, all while experiencing the jungles and rural village life of Laos.

Glocal Initiative

Uplao works to understand the impact of globalization on rural society in northern Laos. We want to both help improve local communities as well as preserve their unique history and culture. Uplao assists in this by offering a variety of other sustainable and local ideas to our communities, this ranges from local handicrafts and spirits to wildlife conservation.

We understand that the true caretakers and experts of Northern Lao are the amazing people of Laos themselves. We want to help each village individually, listening to their plans and ideas, working with them, not for them, in the path to a sustainable future. 

Think globally and act locally

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Provide a Sustainable Future

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Directly Support Local Communities

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